On farm trial is an approach of adaptive research conducted on farmers’ field within their framing system perspective in their active participation and under their management. The objective of OFT is to develop technologies which might help solve problems of group of farmers in a defined study area.

Sr. No.Crop/ EnterpriseTitle of OFTTechnology/ VarietyPlaceArea (Ha)Participants
1WheatTo access the feasibility of STCR equation on yield of wheatSTCR equationSangam, Tal. Malshirsa615
2SorghumINM in Rabi SorghumINMKanhergaon, Tal. Madha615
3Vegetable / MuskmelonUse of PP Non-woven covers in MuskmelonPP-Non woven crop coverDevadi, Papari, Khandali, Tal. Mohol315
4LivestockPerformance evaluation of improved var. of Hybrid NapierHybrid Napier var. GunwantAlsunde, Tal. Karmala0.315
5LivestockEffect of probiotic supplementation on milk production in crossbred cowsProbiotic supplementKonheri, Tal. Mohol-15
6Enterprise / PHM and Ripening of mangoUse of Low cost KKV Ripening Chamber for ripening of Mango fruits var. KesharLow cost KKV Ripening ChamberGadegaon, Tal. Pandharpur-15
7Vegetable PreservationTo access the performance of CRIDA Vegetable Preservatorfor preservation of vegetablesCRIDA, Hyderabad - Vegetable PreservatorKonheri, Tal. Mohol-15
8Enterprise /PomegranateAnardana preparation with improved technologyQuality improvement for higher market priceKasegaon & Khardi, Tal. Pandharpur-15

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