Radio Talks

All Radio Talks are delivered at AIR, Solapur.

Sr. no.DateTitleName of Expert
118.04.16Problems in Dryland FarmingSmt. K. A. Jadhav
226.05.16Present status of pulses and its importanceDr. P. G. Chavan
316.06.16Cultivation practices of soybeanSmt. K. A. Jadhav
425.07.16Kharif vegetable production technologyDr. D. R. Nandre
525.07.16Management of dairy animal in rainy seasonDr. T. R. Walkunde
601.08.16Tomato processing enterpriseShri. D. N. Kshirsagar
726.09.16Integrated Nutrient ManagementSmt. K. A. Jadhav
826.09.16Tomato Nursery ManagementSmt. K. A. Jadhav
907.11.16Wheat cultivationDr. P. G. Chavan
1019.12.16Integrated farming systemDr. P. G. Chavan
1119.12.16Importance of soil and water and factors affecting soil, waterSmt. K. A. Jadhav
1202.07.17Animal disease issues in rainy seasonDr. T. R. Walkunde
1308.07.17Silage preparationDr. T. R. Walkunde
1409.07.17Balanced nutrient managementSmt. K. A. Jadhav
1515.07.17Importance of bio-fertilizerShri. A. G. Dighe
1616.07.17Skill development trainings in agriculture and subsidiaries businessDr. D. R. Nandre
1722.07.17Problems and solutions in dryland agricultureSmt. K. A. Jadhav
1822.08.17Technology of silage preparationDr. T. R. Walkunde
1922.08.17Balanced fertilizer managementSmt. K. A. Jadhav
2018.09.17Live phone-in broadcasting on Hasta bahar management of pomegranateDr. D. R. Nandre
2118.09.17Opportunities in soybean processingShri. D. N. Kshirsagar
2203.10.17Internal parasite control in sheep and goatDr. T. R. Walkunde
2303.10.17Azolla production technologyDr. T. R. Walkunde
2424.11.17Pomegranate export and processing industryShri. D. N. Kshirsagar
2508.05.18Vegetable production in summer seasonSmt. K. A. Jadhav
2608.05.18Importance of bio-fertilizer in vegetable productionSmt. K. A. Jadhav
2724.08.18Vegetable production technologyDr. D. R. Nandre
2824.08.18Balanced use of ureaSmt. K. A. Jadhav
2903.09.18Management of Dairy AnimalsDr. T.R. Walkunde
3019.09.18Nutritional Kitchen GardeningShri. D.N. Kshirsagar
3115.10.18Management of Milch Animals after calvingDr. T. R. Walkunde
3215.10.18Improved Garlic CultivationShri. K. A. Jadhav
3314.11.18Azolla production technology and preparation of silageDr. T. R. Walkunde
3427.11.18Management of livestock in winterDr. T. R. Walkunde,
3510.12.18Opportunities in pomegranate processingShri. D. N. Kshirsagar
3610.12.18Care and Management of fruit orchards in water scarcity situationsShri. K. A. Jadhav
3731.12.18Nutritional Kitchen GardeningShri. D. N. Kshirsagar
3814.01.19Pomegranate processing enterpriseShri. D. N. Kshirsagar
3914.01.19Causes and remedies for kidney stone in BullockDr. T. R. Walkunde

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