Seed Hub

Aim / Purpose of Project

  • Production of quality seed of pulses.
  • Increase productivity of pulses.
  • Establishment of seed hubs for pulses in different states with major pulse crop.
  • Establishment of seed processing plant & storage godown.
  • Production of quality seed & its availability for other stakeholders of the farming community.

Details of Project

SeasonCropArea (ha.)Target for seed production (q)VarietySeed production Achieved (q)Class of seed producedRemarks
Kharif 2017Redgram20200BDN-711315.59CertifiedSeed procured from farmer 194.00 q (Good quality seed: 158.00 q after processing)
Rabi 2017Bengal gram36400Digvijay252Certified15.85 q processed
Kharif 2018Redgram20200BDN-711114Certified-
Rabi 2018Bengal gram40800Digvijay-Truthful1) Due to non availability of Foundation seed Truthful programme was implemented, 2) crop is in harvesting stage

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