The objective of Front Line Demonstration is to demonstrate the usefulness of the latest improved crop production and protection technologies besides newly developed varieties/hybrids to the farmers as well as extension workers with a view to reduce the time gape between technology generation and its adoption and also obtain direct feed back from farmers on the technology. FLD also create effective linkage among scientists, extension personnel and farmers.

Sr. No.Crop/ EnterpriseTitle of FLDTechnology/ VarietyPlaceArea (Ha)Participants
1Pigeon peaIntegrated Disease and Pest Management in Pigeon peaSeed Treatment, Resistant var. Phule Rajeshwari, Azardiractin, Emamectin Benzoate, Pheromone TrapWafale & Pokharapur, Tal. Mohol4.812
2Livestock / SorghumIntroduction of multicut sorghum var. COFS-29 for fodder productionMulticut sorghum var. COFS-29Dhanore, Tal. Madha0.88
3SorghumDeveloping direct market linkages for sorghum var. Phule Madhur for hurda purposePhule MadhurMohol & Pokharapur315
4Bengal gramVarietal performance of Bengalgram var. Phule VikramBengalgram var. Phule VikramShejbabhulgaon, Penur, Shingoli, Tal. Mohol8.521
5Bengal gramIPM in Bengal gramBengalgram var. Phule VikramDhanore, Tal. Madha615
6Enterprise / PHM and Ripening of BananaUse of Low cost KKV Ripening Chamber for ripening of Banana fruitsLow cost KKV Ripening ChamberShetfal, Tal. Karmala, Yevati, Tal. Mohol-15

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