On farm trial is an approach of adaptive research conducted on farmers’ field within their framing system perspective in their active participation and under their management. The objective of OFT is to develop technologies which might help solve problems of group of farmers in a defined study area.

The details of ongoing On farm trial (OFT) during the year 2022-23 are as below:

Sr. No.Crop/ EnterpriseTitle of OFTTechnology/ VarietyPlaceArea (ha.)Participants
1Pigeon peaPerformance of Pigeon pea var. BDN-1341 in Solapur districtVarietal performance of Pigeon pea var. BDN-1341Mohol, Pokharapur, Tal. Mohol, Anjangaon (Kh.), Tal. Madha615
2SorghumTo study efficacy of Improved Multi-purpose Semolina Grinding Machine for SorghumMulti-purpose Semolina Grinding Machine- IIMR HyderabadAashti, Tal- Mohol & Ujani, Tal- Madha-15
3PomegranateMinimally Processed Ready to Eat (RTE) Pomegranate ArilsPost Harvest ManagementShevate, Tal. Pandharpur-15
4OnionManagement of thrips in onionPhule MetarhiziumShetfal, Tal. Mohol-15
5LivestockAssessment of fungal bio-control agents against ectoparasites (ticks and magots)Metarhizium anasoplieSolankarwadi, Tal. Madha-15
6WheatTo assess the feasibility of STCR equation on yield of WheatSTCR equationVijaywadi, Tal. Malshiras615
7SorghumIntegrated Cropping practices in Rabi SorghumNutrient managementPhadtari, Tal. Malshiras615
8ChickpeaPerformance of chickpea var. Phule Vikrant (Phule G 0405) with var. Phule VikramImproved variety chickpea var. Phule Vikrant (Phule G 0405)Dhanore, Solankarwadi, Tal. Madha, 615

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